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Dog Eat Dog

I don’t pretend to know what it’s like raising a teen and I try to avoid acting like I know things I don’t (and having to eat my words later) but I do think about this kind of thing a

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Human Souls

Can you hear me for a second? Can you listen like a person, who’s listening to another person, and not like an ideological spare change sorter, with your ears set to latch onto this buzzword or that loaded phrase… so

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Packing it up

SO YEAH if you managed to miss it recently, Dane has accepted a job offer in Houston and we are MOVING in about 3 weeks. So there’s that. There are so many things recently I’ve wanted to be able to

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Sharing the Love

In 8-ish short hours, our new placement will have been here a week! He is a snuggly, cuddly, quiet, compliant little thing. Even after he kind of “woke up” out of the shock and exhaustion of the first few days.

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The Sweetness

No, not this one. [Although I totally dug that song back in the day.] Sometimes progress is hard to track. Sometimes, weirdly, it takes something going terribly wrong to make me realize how good it’s gotten. Like a few months

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So… What’s New with You?

You know, I existed before December 15, 2012. That was the day our first call came – our first placement. Y’all come here for the MOM stuff. The KID stuff. The FOSTER CARE stuff. The DRAMA. But other stuff is

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Well, we went to camp last week. Youth (senior high) camp with a group we didn’t know. Dane was leading music and I was playing in the band and our dude was along for the ride. I (characteristically) stressed out

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