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Packing it up

SO YEAH if you managed to miss it recently, Dane has accepted a job offer in Houston and we are MOVING in about 3 weeks. So there’s that. There are so many things recently I’ve wanted to be able to

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“Mommy, you’re mean.” He said, today, in the bathroom. I’m sure that moment comes in most mothers’ relationships with their sons, at some point. Thing is, this particular time, he was probably at least partly, and actually possibly mostly*…… ………………………………..…..

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Feeling Familial

Four months. One third of a year. Approximately one hundred and twenty-two days. I swear to you that the kid we have now is not the same kid we got on September second. It’s funny because I feel like I still

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Trial by Fire

Well, you might notice I haven’t posted as much recently as I did before. I know it’s the lamest thing ever to talk about not posting, and then to talk about talking about not posting. I mean but honestly, that’s

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Obi Wan Kenobi*

Well, I guess I thought at first that it would just get easier what with the baby being gone – like however bad it was the first few days/week would be the worst it was going to be, and it’d

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SOTU – Nov 2013

Three weeks since a post, I thought I’d check in with y’all. Well, the facts are these, loosely ranked in order of immediacy: Dad had heart surgery yesterday. So that’s a thing. I think the part yesterday wasn’t actually possibly

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The Stages of Grief (Pre-Grievous Event) According to Abbey

in metaphors*. Including: 1. Dementors 2. A Penny 3. The Hitting of the Fan by Undesirable Substances, aka Floodgates 4. A Stum 5. Why God, Why For the uninitiated, we have had our first foster placement for about 10 months.

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