Dane and Abbey Daniels live in the Dallas area and are foster parents, hoping to ultimately adopt. We currently have our second placement, having had him placed with us in September, and just sent home the first one after 10 months. Dane works as in Media Arts Communications at Pioneer Bible Translators, using the web, social media, video and graphics to tell the story of the Bible-less. Abbey tries to figure out what the right way is to feed people who are hungry, as the Bible says to, in a variety of different ways. We also like doing (performing, leading, enjoying) music. A lot.


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Medi-Share Instead of Insurance
We were so tired of confusing insurance and having to deal with the issue of being denied over a pre-exisiting condition that wasn't really around anymore. Some friends of ours told us about Medi-Share, an insurance alternative, and when Abbey when to part-time, it was clear it was the right move for us. We encourage you to check it out. If you end up becoming a member, use this link and you and I can both benefit from $100 gift card.

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