Well, we have not floated away yet, so that’s good. My child is doing pretty ok as we have found plenty of indoor play places and stuff to do just getting situated. My poor dog, however, has no such luxury. I think she’s about to go stark raving.

I started out by setting a few small goals for each day so I could measure what we did. Explore a new area, get one or two or three things done like finding a place to print or mailing a package or touring a preschool, find one more viable play area for Avery, figure out something domestic like organize our stuff slightly better or do laundry, and go easy on myself about just passing time which usually I don’t like to do, but I’m setting a pretty low bar for these first days in a new place.


Well, here we are just over 2 weeks in, and no major meltdowns yet, except for that one time I cried in front of the real estate agent. I figured out why there are so many real estate-related reality shows, because hello, drama. I’d watch that stuff.
So we are living in the upstairs of Dane’s aunt and uncle’s house, which I thought would be this HUGE favor and this huge imposition and a lot of dancing around each other, and it turns out it is actually very very fun. Uncle likes to play with Avery in the evenings and hide under his blanket and read him goofy books and introduce him to indy racing and golf on TV. Aunt and I have coordinated on just a few meals and she lets me talk her ear off all the time at night because I’m away from my sisters and mom and friends, and may well explode outright if I don’t. Sometimes they have stuff to do in the evenings, sometimes we do. We’ve had a couple of pizza nights, since my family is biologically programmed to demand pizza at least once a week or we start in with the tremors and hallucinations. They both work during the day, so I’m not all worried about keeping Avery out of someone’s hair or whatever. They are gracious and friendly and easy-going. It’s actually kind of perfect, and to be honest I found myself the other day a little sad about the idea of leaving. 🙂
Keeping up with cousins

Keeping up with cousins

A few folks from the church have had us over or invited us swimming or out to lunch, and we are slowly but surely starting to make friends! I have already been to my first missions meeting, and barely even have the beginning of an introduction to what that will look like here, but a start is a start.
Making friends

Making friends

 We are working on relicensing but a lot of things are held up until we close on our house, which if all goes as planned, will be in just a couple weeks. I LOVE the house, by the way. It’s older but so cuuuuute and has big ole trees and a big yard and room for lots of people to come over.
I’m pretty excited about the part where we find a Place for all the Things instead of constantly looking in 18 places for something and then realizing it’s back in Dallas. But it will come, it will come.
Welp, that’s the update… I’m hoping the rain lets up long enough to let my mom come visit EVER, and also the puddles go away before, like, November, so that MAYBE we won’t all be completely consumed by mosquitos until we are sucked-dry raisin-people.
Memorial Day fun

Memorial Day fun

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