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The Pause

Two and a half weeks ago I broke one of my own rules and posted a sort of cryptic post on FB… I’m not proud but hey. It’s the world we live in. We hit a snag. A hiccup, let’s

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Of Peaches and Voldemort

I wrote this several months ago and forgot about it until I just found it. This was preceded by a litany of things I was irritated by, or genuinely pained by, at the time. I’ll spare you. Apparently the way

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The Going & the Staying 

Tomorrow he leaves for preschool – two years ago tomorrow he came.  Little man’s school starts tomorrow after being home all summer with me. This past few months is actually the first time he has NOT been in school at

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Third and fourth foster/adopt training classes today. 3 – Communication (with kids and with other workers), and then 4 – Grief and Loss. Just a little snapshot for you: We were in the Grief/Loss portion of the day, talking about

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Breaking it in

I studied abroad in Spain for a semester in college. I can remember reaching a point partway through the semester when I had made some Spanish friends and I remember thinking one time that I felt like I was around

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Well, we have not floated away yet, so that’s good. My child is doing pretty ok as we have found plenty of indoor play places and stuff to do just getting situated. My poor dog, however, has no such luxury.

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I spent today (Mother’s Day) thinking about a lot – the fact that we’re moving tomorrow away from my own mother, and my mother-in-law, and all my friends who I have watched become mothers over the last 9-ish years… Thinking

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