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Upside Down

Important note: This post is best enjoyed while listening to this song, if you have the auditory or mental or literal bandwith: Flags by Brooke Fraser So this is my response to myself a week and a half ago (see

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Sorry to keep you all hanging. Baby went home last Tuesday morning. Then Dane, toddler and I went on a bike ride on a gorgeous day, Dane went to work, we had lunch, naps, play time, dinner, bedtime… turns out

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Going Home

Well, our little man will be going home tomorrow morning. He will also be leaving home. This is okay, for reasons I’ve already shared with you. I’m sure some of you are like “you said it was fine, and then

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The Stages of Grief (Pre-Grievous Event) According to Abbey

in metaphors*. Including: 1. Dementors 2. A Penny 3. The Hitting of the Fan by Undesirable Substances, aka Floodgates 4. A Stum 5. Why God, Why For the uninitiated, we have had our first foster placement for about 10 months.

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