A Parable

Re: Fostering

Three people worked at a job together, side by side.

Two of them planned a vacation. They spent months saving and making arrangements, and finally went with their families, and it was awesome. Complicated, new, different, but amazing.

The third one said, “Oh no, I don’t think I want to go on vacation, because if I ever went somewhere with gorgeous mountains or beaches or ancient architecture, or the thrill of the challenge of a new culture, it would be too hard to come back. I’ll just stay here for the next sixty or so years.”

The first one who went on the vacation spent the whole time thinking about how much better it was in the mountains and on the beaches than at his home and in his job. When he got back home, all he could think about was how he wasn’t on vacation any more and how much of a bummer that was, and he was discontent for a very long time.

The second one who went on the vacation had a fantastic time and was grateful for every minute of it, even the parts where they couldn’t find a restaurant and the kids were cranky, or they had to make an emergency stop for underwear because someone forgot to pack it, because those would be funny stories they could tell for years. When they got back home to their job, they had a smile on their face for months because of the memories from the trip and out of gratitude that they had gotten to go.

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