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A Parable

Re: Fostering Three people worked at a job together, side by side. Two of them planned a vacation. They spent months saving and making arrangements, and finally went with their families, and it was awesome. Complicated, new, different, but amazing.

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I really want to go to bed but I wanted to get this out so it probably won’t be long (unlike SOME PEOPLE’S POSTS ALL THE TIME) (aka MINE). Our biggun has been with us for a little less than

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Captain’s Log

I’m gonna break down the last few weeks for you, because precisely zero people asked. I do what the people want. First, a short glimpse into our CALI VACAY! If you’re not here for a travel blog, skip about 1/3

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New Placement

So yes, we are expecting a new placement within the next few hours. Big week for us, yes. We had a birthday party for our first Little Man Saturday, my first ever kid birthday party (to organize/host). It was super

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