9 Months

Things I Love About the 8-9-Month Period:

– He hugs back. And hangs on.

– The faces! OMG, the faces. Hilarious and surprising, every one.

– Sometimes he has to just see that I see, and then he’s cool. He used to either be ok with playing, or need to be held RIGHT NOW, but now sometimes he just wants to see that I see him and that’s all he needs, he can get back to it.

– Tap dancing in the bath. No lie, every time as soon as I set him down in the little tub, he starts tap dance kicking like it’s his JOB. He has the most serious face on like “Let’s DO this. I have about 5 minutes, how much tap dancing can I fit in? I’m going for a PB today.”

– Head bonks. Ok, not nice to love head bonks. But the playing is getting more rambunctious and adventurous and exploratory, and with that sometimes we lose balance and end on on the back, knocking the head a little bit on the wall or the floor on the way down. And the best part is that I am the best and only necessary medicine for complete recovery (or Dane if he’s home). Just snuggles.

– The attempts at pushing up to standing. Which like, the other day, he was pushing up on a corner near this block that’s probably about a 10″ cube. All the sudden we heard a sort of rustling sound of rapid, unintentional movement, and looked over and he had lost his balance and kind of rolled in midair only to fall onto his back with his head stuck on top of the block and his hands sort of waving helplessly and stunned in the air, totally stuck, like this:

Microsoft Paint, ladies and gentlemen!

Microsoft Paint, ladies and gentlemen!

PS: If you want to see something truly spectacular, be around when my graphic designer husband sees this post.

Other Fun Items of Note for This Particular Developmental Period:

– Apparently semi-solid excreta achieves a state of existence transcendent of mere mortal physical laws, such as that of gravity. I am considering developing and patenting a new kind of diaper that resembles something more akin to overalls for full crotch-to-neck coverage.

– Painting is fun. A celebrated pastime for centuries. Painting on the wood floor in ones own vomit and/or drool: even better.

– Sitting up is basically an activity in and of itself. Sitting upright, unassisted, in the middle of a room with like ONE toy in his hands can entertain him for a good half-hour.

It gets FUNNER AND FUNNER. I am telling you. PS also: Nailed the ECI eval (yay! Also super not surprised). And he’s really starting to imitate sounds! So far he does a spectacular (I mean spectacular) wookiee imitation. I think that’s his best. But he also does this fun babble thing with his gums that’s kind of difficult to reproduce as a tooth-ed person but is ever so much fun.

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One comment on “9 Months
  1. Fun fact I learned entirely too late: The reason the necks on onesies are so wide is not because of huge heads, as I’d assumed, but so that you can pull the whole thing DOWN in case of poosplosion. The More You Know~~~~*

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