Well. The past week.

Last time I talked to y’all it was about all the changes in that one day’s schedule.

And I was all like “flexibility.”

Ha! Haha! Hahaha. Ha.

So last Monday the little man’s lawyer calls at like 4:00 all “oh! The hearing tomorrow snuck up on me, I’m supposed to visit him beforehand. Mind if I come by tonight?” “Ok, I’ll be home by about 5:45…” “6:00 then!”

So lawyer visit Monday evening, got all dressed up and went to the hearing on Tuesday which, all told, took several hours. I wasn’t able to go in, in the end, because the baby wasn’t allowed to be in there, so Dane went in and took COPIOUS amounts of glorious notes. They should hire him as a court reporter, but like, in iPhone text message app. We kinda sorta met the dad. We kinda sorta saw the mom, well Dane did a lot, I saw her for just a second. Lots of things and stuff and developments and whatnot. Except not really. There wasn’t actually anything decided, which is kind of what we expected.

LOTS, I mean LOTS, of people. This little dude is apparently SOMEbody. There were 4 CPS* workers, just because each of them has been in charge of his case at some point, the CPS department supervisor, CPS’s lawyer, little man’s own personal lawyer, mom, mom’s lawyer, dad, dad’s lawyer, plus judges and bailiffs and whatnot, and us, and you have to figure this whole to-do is quite an expensive affair.

Basically we found out Monday that we would be meeting the mom on Tuesday, and then found out Tuesday that we wouldn’t after all. After the hearing on Wednesday we found out there needed to be a visit with the mom on Thursday, so we figure out how to have CPS pick him up from day care and then take him to my mom’s house afterwards. Friday was his 6-mo pediatrician visit, and then a visit with his dad. Pediatrician went long, dad visit rescheduled. Saturday morning, up bright and early and we got to ALL go visit his mom.

Aaaaaaaand yesterday we got to go to the dentist! Yes, the dentist. To have the hygienist brush his non-teeth and to have the dentist put on some sort of fluoride wax-slime grossness and babies are AWESOME at keeping wax-slime grossness contained into the exact area where it is supposed to be. Which, presumably, would be on his teeth anyway, of which there are none.

And then the rescheduled dad visit, after the dentist. At least I got to hit up the Goodwill while I killed time for a couple hours! Four pairs of pants (nice ones too, like jeans and corduroys, none of these little baby sweatpant things [which I love but we have more of those already]), 2 onesies-with-pants-included that are like for day time but all one piece, I don’t know what those are called, a set of PJs, an ADORABLE sweater and a fleece, several shirts, two nice sweaters for me, and a paperback, all for $27.00.


So! A day in the life. Week, rather.

Meanwhile, back at the home front, Dane is apparently under repeated and persistent attack by some kind of creative and multi-pronged sinus virus thing and yet when preparing to lead music on Sunday, when I asked if he was going to need to lean on the other lead vocalist more than he anticipated, I got kind of a blank stare, like, “What? Mere mortal, physical ailments would be expected to affect my voice? Preposterous!” And he went on to lead basically everything including one song that was entirely bare of other vocalists or instruments except for ONE little acoustic guitar, and was like fifty octaves, and he’s like NBD.

Also, little man has made a Most Exciting Discovery: that one is able to Scream just for Fun even when one is Not Upset. Which is kinda fun, but also, you know. He also is getting much more comfortable with laughing; he used to kind of do it sometimes and be like “whoa, what was that?” But now he laughs and shrieks and attacks his toys. His Muchness grows every day, I swear it does.

BUUUUUUT he still is my little cuddle monster. He loves cuddling. He will just crash onto my shoulder and stay there for an hour if I’ll let him. Which, I mean obviously, I do.


*I say CPS because it’s like saying Kleenex when you’re not actually talking about Kleenex brand tissues. It’s just kinda what people say. But it is actually called TDFPS now, Texas Department of Family and Protective Services. Just so y’all are informed.

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