Feel like you need to work on your flexibility? Do little changes in your plans cause you to go off the deep end?

Become a foster parent!

So Little Dude has visits with his dad pretty much every Friday that are about 30-45 min away. Our LOVELY (totally serious, she is great) CPS case worker has offered to pick him up from our house so that I only have to venture down once when I pick him up instead of trying to kill 2 hrs in a different part of town.

Last week she called on Thursday and said that she would still be picking him up at 9:00 for a 10:00-12:00 visit with his dad, but now there would be an additional family visit at a different facility from 1:00-3:00 and then she would bring him back to the place I usually pick him up and I could get him at around 4:00.

I had JUST confirmed an eye appointment for 3:30 in Lewisville (I have not purchased new contacts in approximately *cough*4or5ish*cough* years [I might here remind you or inform you for the first time that contacts can only be purchased one year’s-worth at a time] [oops]), so I’m texting with Dane about it and he’s making plans to get off work early to go pick him up… and I’m wondering if this double-visit day is going to be an on-going thing, what with how I took that particular day of the week OFF of work at reasonable personal cost (not that this is about money, but you know) in order to, I don’t know, spend it with the baby. Who will now be shuttled around to various places with several hours in a car wreaking UNTOLD bedlam on his nap and eating schedule from 9:00-4:00. So I’m already like re-writing my Friday and on-going work schedule, Dane is working out how to finish his workday from home, etc. etc…

Well, the CPS worker called back later that evening to say oops, no second visit. (9:00-4:00 is now 9:00-1:00).

Then, Friday morning at 9:00, I get a text to say that she had a flat tire and is running late. (9:00-1:00 is now 9:30-1:00).

Then, she comes to pick him up, and I go to my mom’s house to try to use the elliptical with my few minutes of alone-ish time. She heads down to the CPS office, and just as she’s pulling in realizes that she has a voicemail from the dad saying he’s sick and doesn’t want to spread it to the baby, so he’s not coming. She calls right as the elliptical machine hits about 2 1/2 minutes of workout, I dismount and head down immediately to pick him up. (9:30-1:00 is now 9:30-10:30).

Yay, panicking! It sure did help me in this scenario! Such a productive use of emotional energy.


We have another court hearing tomorrow. I think Dane is going to try to go to this one. As I understand it, usually you have a hearing 10 days after a removal and it kind of sets out what the possible outcomes are and what different things have to happen to reach each outcome. Usually, I think, at the 10-day hearing you’ll find out if a placement is going to be about 6 mo, 12 mo, etc.

Our 10-day hearing didn’t happen. A couple weeks later, there was another hearing that was utterly derailed by a weird turn of events. A couple weeks later, there was another hearing that basically kind of regained lost ground from the previous weird one, introduced a potential kinship placement that fizzled out quickly a few days later, and basically got nowhere. So maybe this one will be a little bit informative…?

Who knows.

Friday is his six-month checkup, and next week is his first (required) dentist visit! Yes, dentist. “Does he have teeth yet?” Why no, in fact he does not. But we will be taking him every THREE (3) months to the dentist, teeth or no teeth, until he is two. At which point I do hope he has teeth. But still, every 3 mo??

Meanwhile, Little Man is laughing more and more every day, grabbing onto everything with a vice grip; his babble gets more comical and expressive every day, and I swear every time he’s on my lap to eat a bottle, more of his legs hang off the side. He’ll be giant in no time!

And he continues to be a DELIGHT. His favorite activities include Getting Dressed In the Morning (the colder mom’s hands, the better, = hilarity); Getting Out of the Bath (nekkid time!); and Having His Neck Crease Wiped Out After a Bottle (apparently a major tickle spot). He has set some new PBs for sleep this past week – a 16 hr night and then a few days later a 15-hr night.

Now if we could JUST get him to stop sounding like a French bulldog when he breathes. :-/

He will be six months Thursday! I can’t believe it.

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