These Are the Days

Well, it’s been a while… Sorry about that.

First rule of blogging: Don’t start a post by apologizing for not posting in a long time. Oops.

Anyway, so we’ve had the dude for approx. 6 weeks now. And he is wonderful. He wins at babying. He is the best baby ever. If you disagree, I will fight you. We are the most fortunate, blessed people ever.

He sleeps 12 hours a night. Literally, in the almost-6 weeks we’ve had him, he has woken up needing a bottle during the night I believe 3 times. He regularly goes entire days without crying once. He’ll start to fuss when he’s ready to eat, but it’s just kind of a “hey, it’s about that time,” and then I pick him up and he gets so fascinated by the sink and the bottle-shaking that he just chills until it’s time to eat.

Dane is the best at getting him to laugh. I think he’s just kind of discovering how, but he’s getting better at it all the time. Recently, he has started to literally squeal with delight when I pick him up after a nap or from play time. Sometimes he likes to just snuggle onto my shoulder for half an hour or so while I’m making dinner or something, not falling asleep but not needing to squirm around either. So like I say: the best.

He did have surgery a couple of weeks ago, which went fine for those of you still waiting for the news. He is now totally recovered, the glue has all come off of his incision, and he’s totally 100%. 

People always seem to feel the need to tell me that I can’t expect this same type of situation with every foster placement… I was actually aware of that. Preparing for foster care, I had heard a lot about how you can even get a 4, 5, 6-yr-old and have to do sleep training. Sometimes when kids come from an incredibly stressful environment and are wired for hyper-alert survival mode 24/7, they can come even at school-age and not be able to sleep more than an hour or two in a row. 

I know we will likely work through that at some point. But it has been SUCH an incredible thing to be able to figure out paperwork, Medicaid, CPS, lawyer visits, find a pediatrician, parent visits, manage the surgery process, etc. for our first time ever with all our wits about us. We are SO GRATEFUL. 

So I did cut back my work schedule to 2 days/week. And just by the amount of doctor visits, CPS visits, parent visitations, ad litem visits, hospital stays, soon-to-come dentist (every THREE MONTHS for foster kids, starting at 6 mo old, whether they have teeth yet or not) and ECI visits, etc., it’s….. kinda a legit part-time job in and of itself.

We did find child care, after looking everywhere, we found JUST the perfect thing at a great price, and are getting help from our moms. We also found health coverage, which has been a concern of mine ever since we started this process, knowing that I’d probably want to cut back my work hours and that we have been covered through my job.

I do have to say it: God has provided. Majorly. In every single way. And we are CRAZY about this kid! 

Also: Dane is going out of the country this Tuesday until Valentine’s Day! If you count, that is 16 days. That’s….. a while. So keep us in mind over that period… 

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