We got our first placement! Actually, two placements! On Saturday. 

Two boys, one year old and 3.5 months old. The 1-yr-old went home about three hours after they got to our house, but he was such a sweetheart. 

My grandpa John, who passed away a few years ago, used to dress up as Santa Claus every year and go to parties, schools, church things, etc. He had this really great costume, and he was the BEST Santa Claus. My family is major Santa Claus snobs, because Grandpa was the perfect combination of jolly-but-never-scary, friendly-but-sweet, he had the best smile and the best face for it, he usually knew every single kid’s name… Anyway, I digress. My grandmother also has a Mrs. Claus costume that is LEGIT (all velvet and lace) and she still goes out to kids’ groups of various kinds this time of year to read books (including HER book, as she is a PUBLISHED AUTHOR of a kids’ Christmas book. Yes, my family is beyond belief amazing.)

So anyway, I sent out a text to small group leader/family when we got the CPS call, and my grandma was apparently on her way home from a reading, because she showed up at my house in full Mrs. Claus. At just about exactly the same time as the CPS people showed up. Which was just about exactly the same time as my parents showed up with a car full of various sleeping/child-holding devices and a Costco pizza. So the CPS workers show up to my house, and there is Mrs. Claus. 

So here we are, two nights and two-and-a-half days later, with a teeny weeny baby. Who is the most UNBELIEVABLY ADORABLE THING EVER. Excuse my caps. I cannot believe that less than 72 hours ago, he walked into my door, (or, you know, someone walked into my door carrying him), and I thought “look at that strange baby that I do not know.” Because I am now generally in the habit of staring at him for entirely uncomfortable periods of time and singing him songs all day long, and I already kind of know a bit about his eating and sleeping habits, and his faces, like which one is I’m-about-to-cry-start-warming-up-that-bottle and which one is just-a-little-toot-and-I’m-good. Although about 90% of the time, literally, he is contented smiles.

And the sleeping! Oh, glory hallelujah, the sleeping. First night it was a nine-hour stretch, followed by a short bottle and a diaper change, and 2 more hours. Sunday night it was a briefly-interrupted 12 hours, and then I’m not even sure if I actually woke him up by staring at his little face too close.

As for the “Story,” the truth is, we know very little. And what we do know, it’s kind of interesting. My foster mom friend Rachel said once that a kid’s story is theirs to tell, not hers.

Obviously that makes a lot of sense to most of us if you’re talking about, like, a 10-yr-old. But Dane and I kinda can’t help but feel like as long as there is any chance that this kid might be sticking around for good (which we are open to, in case you’re wondering, but know NOTHING of the feasibility of that particular outcome), we’d like to, you know, maybe as he grows up, not have the whole world know all about his family history before he does. Or at least before he’s able to decide if he wants to tell it. Does that make sense? This kiddo could be gone in 2 weeks, or he could not, but I think we’ll be sticking with that particular philosophy re: giving all the gory details. 

On that note as well, Facebook, Twitter, and this blog will be name- and photo-free. For those of you that have read this far… please stick to that as well, as much as possible (ie: don’t tweet his name or a picture), until we have a good idea of what’s going on. I will probably at some point start calling him something else on here. We’ve started calling him Papaya sometimes around the house. Or Baby Boy, which was on his paperwork initially. Or maybe Little Dude, which appears to be what I call him most of the time during the day. 

We are so excited and are REALLY feeling your prayers! We also cannot possibly communicate how much we appreciate your support and all the offerings of donations/loans. We have been taken care of so well by our community and I’ll keep posting on Twitter/FB if we are looking out for other items. You guys are generous, encouraging, and essential to us. Thanks again.

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