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We got our license yesterday! 12-5-12, a day that shall live in infamy.

So… the question on everyone’s minds now is: How long?

I don’t know, exactly. They said it won’t be before Saturday that we get a call, that’s when we’ll actually start showing up on The List. After that, it “could be six minutes, could be six months”. So there’s that! Our trusty time measurement of <=/=>**.

It still seems like there are so many decisions to be made, and I really was thinking of a time frame looking more like New Year-ish… Which, it still might be! Maybe? Probably not…?

I either 1) ate something really screwy Tuesday at some point, which I didn’t, because I ate what I eat most Tuesdays, which is homemade pizza, or 2) have had a little something that seems to be a cross between a swarm of butterflies and a rhino in my stomach for the past 48-ish hours.

I’m pretty sure I’m still excited. Yeah, I am. Definitely. Ish.

We’ve started seeing a lot of things in a new light, recently. Dane is like “I wonder if our kids are going to be completely freaked out by the way we sing random stuff around the house all the time.” I’m doing things like washing my face, and thinking: “Will I ever be able to do this again? Wash my face? Uninterrupted? In the morning?” I make green beans, and wonder if green beans are about to turn from Delicious Fresh Side Dish to Contentious Screamy Battle Ground.

#1 stressor, which it really sucks that this is true, but to this day the #1 stressor is still my job. The job, see, just keeps moving forward, and expecting me to be in it. And I actually love my job. I love my coworkers. I love what my company was created for, and I believe in it. I also think I have a place in it. I love having someone who will insure my post-cancerous husband. And, you know, being able to pay rent AND buy food in the same month!

I am not worried about money though. For some weird reason, I have usually had a lot of peace about money and somehow that is the easiest thing for me to trust God with. There are a lot of other things I hold onto with stress that I shouldn’t, but money isn’t one.

Anyway, won’t rehash here. Just pray for me, okay? I actually do believe that if we do what God wants us to do, we will be fine. Fully, totally believe that. I am just really worried for some reason about accidentally not doing what God wants us to do.

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2 comments on “Licensed!
  1. Teresa says:

    This brings tears of happiness to my eyes. Not because you are stressed. But because of your response to the stress.
    You are going to be just fine !

  2. Lori Ernst says:

    So excited for you!! 🙂 Don’t worry about accidentally not doing what God wants y’all to do… I firmly believe that as y’all seek Him, He will lead you.

    “The steps of a man are established by the LORD, and He DELIGHTS in his way. When he falls, he will not be hurled headlong, because the LORD is the One who holds his hand.”
    Psalm 37:23-24

    I take great comfort in the fact that it does not say “if he falls” but “when”… and knowing that in that, the Lord holds our hands. Y’all will do great! We have a big God! So proud of y’all!!

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