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We got our first placement! Actually, two placements! On Saturday.  Two boys, one year old and 3.5 months old. The 1-yr-old went home about three hours after they got to our house, but he was such a sweetheart.  My grandpa

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The Dragon

I have a sort of sickish weird feeling when I think about fostering, particularly about my working/non-working/ministry/day-care/S-A-H-M/gaaaaaaaah that will take shape once that situation occurs. I don’t know who these strange children will be in my house. I don’t know

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We got our license yesterday! 12-5-12, a day that shall live in infamy. So… the question on everyone’s minds now is: How long? I don’t know, exactly. They said it won’t be before Saturday that we get a call, that’s

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