Dane made a little video (check it out below) of my most recent project in our gender- and age-neutral “Kid Room”. We still need a dresser and a couple of other odd things, but it’s getting a lot closer than it was a month ago!

I made the curtains – it is entirely possible, in the event of an older placement, that a coloring day might occur at some point with some fabric markers in strategic and attractive colors.

A close-up:

Special thanks to the Beckmans for the toy chest and Jillian for helping pick out the most *essential* toys! And to Claire/Teresa for the bed! And to Bonnie for our wee owl!


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3 comments on “Home
  1. PS: The video is flipped until the end for some reason – I’m not left-handed!

  2. danedaniels says:

    Uhhh… My Bad! This is the fault of the Photo Booth app. I’m surprised I didn’t notice it.

  3. That video made me cry!
    I don’t know Abbey is left handed.

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