People are doing this 30 days of Thanksgiving thing, or Thankful November, or something… I missed the note beforehand and haven’t been doing it, but why not knock it all out now? Some are big, some are small, all are important to acknowledge, I think…

I am thankful for:

1. Dane, who is hilarious and talented and endlessly understanding (and dashingly handsome)

2. My family, who are so much fun, understand about fifty layers of anything I say as soon as I say it, and are the kinds of people who would rather be knocking themselves out helping others than anything else they could spend their time on

3. Steven and Ella, who kind of I guess get counted 1.5 times because they are a part of the above, except for none of those reasons just yet, but because they are squishy and adorable and I can’t wait to keep getting to know them

– *Our house, which feels so homey since we got to help and be around for so much of putting it together, in its current state. I love where it is, and how cozy it is, and how much fun we’ve had there already.

– My job, which is hard and stressful sometimes, but the people I work with are some of my favorite people ever, and I have learned so much from them. I am also grateful for my job because of how it has allowed our lives to unfold over the past 1.5 years with Dane’s transition to ministry etc.

– Our awesome supporters who value what PBT does and what Dane does for PBT and who give us so much more than money!!

– A November of gorgeous weather

– My friends who all came over last night and there’s not a two of us that couldn’t squeeze together in that red chair-and-a-half, because we are just so comfortable and enjoy each other so much.

– My friends who didn’t come over last night but that need to come over soon!

– Particularly all of y’all who have been so amazing and supportive and educational through the foster/adoptive process so far.

– All the stuff I have that I don’t need (most of it) but I enjoy it anyway

– Our church

– This sounds dumb, and it is, but it is honest, so I am going to say it: I am seriously thankful for my iPhone. That thing is just SO. Dadgum. Useful.

– All of the opportunities I’ve had to travel, recently to Honduras and England etc.

– Health and energy to do the things I love (like hiking in England and going to Honduras)

– Our farm box which has introduced us to a lot of new fun foods and made us eat healthier for the last several months

– Homemade pizza nights with my family to catch up and check in and eat yummy pizza that I never get tired of

– My garden which I just started this year because we finally have a backyard

– Music to play and sing and listen to

– All the people I know doing crazy and exciting things to help other people here and in other parts of the world

– The fact that I have really close friends aged 11 and 70+ and everywhere in between

– Microsoft Excel (I know it’s not perfect but it’s so clean and pretty and HELPFUL)

– A warm, comfy bed every night

– Food every day

– [Especially Mediterranean food]

– The BBC

– Various people who help me know what to do with my life

– Options/opportunities (even when choices are stressful)

– Dallas with all its parks and restaurants and interesting people

– The fact that this list isn’t for a grade so I don’t have to think of a 30th thing. Also that most people probably would never notice if I had just stopped at 29. But oh well.


*I’ll stop numbering now because the order is arbitrary and I don’t want to assign false hierarchy.

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