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Dane made a little video (check it out below) of my most recent project in our gender- and age-neutral “Kid Room”. We still need a dresser and a couple of other odd things, but it’s getting a lot closer than

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I’m not scared of poop. I’m not excited about it, exactly, but I’m not scared of it, either. I’m not scared of snotty noses, or tantrums, or messes, broken dishes, broken other stuff. I’m a little scared of sleepless nights,

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People are doing this 30 days of Thanksgiving thing, or Thankful November, or something… I missed the note beforehand and haven’t been doing it, but why not knock it all out now? Some are big, some are small, all are

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This past weekend we painted our “kid room.” Most of you know that we moved into a house last Christmas that my parents bought about a year ago, we’re renting it from them and helping them fix it up. This

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Working Mom

By Abbey* ** I just almost wrote a tweet that would say something like “I wish I had a dollar for everything I’ve missed out on over the past couple of months because I was working. OH WAIT I DO

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FAQ (Part 1?)

I have been thrilled (THRILLED!) with the number of people that are so interested in what we’re doing and ask a lot of questions. I love telling people about what we’ve learned about this process, because the picture we had

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Holy Matrimony

Sunday night Dane and I were in the car on the way from small group to eat dinner. He was pointing out how you could see the moon, a full moon, even though it wasn’t really dark, just kind of

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