The Process

So… so far we have had about 8 weeks of classes to get 30 hours of training through ACH Child and Family Services in Fort Worth. We had lots of paperwork (honestly less than I thought, actually…) and homework about our parents and our marriage and our backgrounds and etc. etc., and we learned some about the foster and adoption process, some about the system itself, some about “behavioral intervention,” some about behavior-altering medications, CPR, etc. We had health dept. and fire dept. inspections. And our home study last week.

I can’t entirely speak for Dane, but I am ready. I mean, not literally ready. We have a couple of mattresses from Dane’s sister, a dresser that my mom found at a garage sale, some instruments still in the kids’ future room, NO decorations in that room, most of our child-proofing stuff isn’t quite on yet, a fridge full of food that they probably won’t touch with a ten-foot pole… But I just keep thinking of these little kiddos and/or babies that are cold or hungry or scared or forgotten, and I am ready for them to be in MY house. With blankets. Hugs. Fruit. Homemade, regular meals. Their own bed. A warm bath. A Spider-Man t-shirt (if that’s their thing). A Princess Merida bedspread. (Is she a princess? I didn’t actually see that movie.) A gentle answer, that turns away wrath. I don’t even know what, exactly. But I am ready for them to be here.

I know I’ll be looking back at some point thinking I was crazy for thinking I was ready. And I know that I’m not really ready ready. But I’m ready. You know what I mean?

Edit: And then, this popped unsolicited into my head and reduced me to puddlehood:

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4 comments on “The Process
  1. Bonnie says:

    I do! I’ve been saving these for, like, EVER – I love this blog and I love her ideas for a warm, loving, inviting room for foster kids.

    A lot of her writing around that time has really good thoughts about starting the foster process and being at the stage you’re at now. Can I help decorate?

  2. Laurie says:

    Abbey, you have just the heart that makes you absolutely ready! The “things” will be taken care of when they need to be. But your heart and mind are ready, and that’s what a child needs. Please call on us if we can help with anything–we can paint, sew, whatever you need. We’ll even make the long trek over to your house to do anything we can!

  3. Kevin M. says:

    You are exactly right – you feel ready to be making a difference, but you aren’t and it is by design. To do this you are not equipped fully without leaning on and resting in God to help you. It has taken us over a year to fully learn that and we’re still learning about what real grace looks like as it applies to our family. People are fond of saying “He won’t give you anything you can’t handle”, or something of the like, but I believe He’ll give you plenty you can’t handle because we’re supposed to turn to Him to make it through. I know your heart is in the right place because you both care and are willing to go through all this to be there for the children He has already picked for you both.

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