I want to invite you all to follow our story. I currently run three blogs, and post on them….. pretty much never. But we went to a conference this past weekend and were reminded once again, and in a really compelling way, how important stories are to us and to each other.

Dane and I had our home study last week, which was the last step in our process of becoming licensed for foster care and adoption. I hope to keep you (anyone who’s interested, I guess) updated on what’s going on facts-wise, as well as what’s going on with Dane and me heart-wise.

This is not going to be a totally adoption/foster blog – but just about us and what’s going on with us, family, and ministry. I am still very involved in Carrier ministries and working on how to develop more hunger-related stuff, and also some significant changes may be in the works when we get a placement, as far as my job and possibly having me move toward working more (or entirely) with Pioneer Bible Translators as well.

I prefer personal conversations with folks, obviously. But hopefully this will be a place to *spark* those, rather than replace them.


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